2021 Fortnite World Cup Championship Results and Analysis

The Fortnite World Cup is in the record books and was largely a success. While there were some hiccups here and there, it really does feel like one of the most professional esports tournaments in recent memory.

If you’re a casual fan of the scene or just want to know what happened, you’ll want to check out this overview of the World Cup.

Who won the 2019 Fornite World Cup?

The big question about the Fortnite World Cup was, of course, who would take home the top prize.

Fortnite has an incredibly strong player base and there are quite a few players outside the normal Twitch circles who honestly had a very good chance of winning back the gold.

However, when it came time to push, it seemed like familiar faces really had an edge over much of their competition, at least in the world of solos.

Surprising relatively few, Bugha from Sentinels took home the three million dollar solo prize.

If you’ve been tracking his progress in the game, it’s easy enough to see why he was able to dominate the competition so thoroughly; Simply put, he is very good at the things that matter in Fortnite.

He was easily one of the most versatile players in the Fortnite World Cup and was able to combine a combination of solid strategy and aggressive play to score some eliminations and ultimately take home the top prize when all was said and done.

The duos side of things was, however, a very different story.

If you’ve never heard of Nyhrox and Aqua, you shouldn’t be surprised. The teenage duo were a huge underdog at the event, playing not only against some of the more famous players, but also those who had a lot more money behind them.

The European duo came out of nowhere to win the award, with most connoisseurs expecting them to get closer to the end of the group. At the very least, his win proves that the actual skill distribution among the top one percent of Fortnite players is much smaller than most would admit.

Who performed well

Even though there is only one winner in each category at the end of the tournament, there were also some really impressive players who didn’t make it to the top. This is especially true on the individual front, where the actual split between Bugha and the rest of the group was much smaller than you might expect.

Likewise, there were many great players on the duo side who helped showcase the huge roster of talent in the burgeoning professional scene.

If you’re going to point towards one player who performed exceptionally well during the Solo round, it has to be Psalm.

He finished just nine points behind Bugha, despite knocking out just four players overall, but managed to remain incredibly competitive through all rounds of play.

A special note should probably also be made about King, as his raw numbers were quite close to Bugha; basically it was just a Victory Royale and a single kill to separate the two. Solo’s field was intense and the rest of the top ten certainly deserve a lot of credit as well.

Over the Duos, there were some excellent performers as well.

The big story here was probably Red and Wolfiez, due in large part to Wolfiez’s playstyle.

He played the tournament with a controller, a huge disadvantage on the professional stage, but he did an excellent job nonetheless. Elevate and Ceice also managed to do a great job finishing a few points behind the leaders to secure third place.

Honestly, there wasn’t a bad player in the top ten, and they all deserved a share of the prize money.

Who disappointed

The Fortnite World Cup is definitely a game of personalities, so it’s surprising to see many of the biggest names on the field simply not showing up for the tournament. There were some big surprises, of course, but what’s really surprising is how poorly a handful of confident players managed to perform in these types of clutch situations.

Make no mistake here – despite the high level of play in the tournament, the streams definitely showed some startling deficiencies in how some of the big players conduct themselves when there’s money on the line.

The biggest name to really make it into the tournament was Tfue, and he didn’t really bring his A game to the tournament. Perhaps more used to playing on anonymous Twitch streams than against the more dedicated opponents he faced in the World Cup, he wasn’t even in the top ten.

However, it’s hard to say this will have any real impact on his future career, as the tournament itself already puts him above most of the competition. Even with that said, there are now sure to find Tfue a lot less impressive at all after watching the champions play.

As a matter of fact, one of the biggest disappointments in the World Cup is that the ‘big’ players did not really qualify for the tournament.

Fortnite has long been a celebrity-dominated game on Twitch and YouTube, and most gamers assumed that those dedicated content creators were also the cream of the crop when it comes to competitive play.

If the Fortnite World Cup has revealed anything, it’s that being a big name in esports may not have so much to do with how well you play. That is certainly an issue that Fortnite will face in the future.

How much did the winners take home?

It’s really hard to say what level of compensation is fair to professional players right now because it’s just one of those things that are still made up in passing. However, one thing is certain: the Fortnite World Cup has paid a huge sum of money for something that is still in its relative infancy.

The total jackpot for Fortnite was $30 million, which is one of the largest jackpots for an esports event in history. The money itself was of course split among several players, but the sheer number of prizes available on a field where seven figures are rarely seen was a sight to behold.

The biggest individual winner was of course Bugha. As a solo cup winner, he single-handedly took home about $3 million. Aqua and Nyhrox split three million as the duo winners, placing them in second place. The top ten remaining players from each side of the tournament also took home quite a bit of cash, most taking home or splitting more than a million dollars each. In terms of payouts, the Fortnite World Cup looks like a success.

Where can you watch the winners?

So where do you see all the excitement? Well, if you just want to catch up on the actual tournament VOD, you can watch the Solo Finals and Duo Finals on Twitch. You can also view Bugha and Nyhrox on their individual pages.

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