5 Second Guide – How to Thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite

These all assume you are using the default control scheme. It’s pretty easy to do, but if you’re wondering, this page explains how to thank the bus driver in Fortnite on all platforms so that he can be the polite and respectful citizen that we know everyone is.

Obviously, if you change your keyboard shortcuts, they won’t match the default.

How to Thank the Bus Driver in fortnite

1. On PC

Press the “B” key.

2. On PS4

Press down on the D-pad.

3. On Xbox

Press down on the D-pad.

4. On Nintendo Switch

Press down on the D-pad.

5. On Mobile (iOS and Android)

Tap the emote icon on the right side of the screen.

FAQ’s about How to Thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite

1. Does thanking the bus driver in fortnite do anything?

On the bottom left of the screen, a message will display saying “[player] has thanked the bus driver.” That’s about it, really, and there’s no effect on the actual game if you do choose to thank the bus driver. We just hope you reciprocate it in real life.

2. How do I thank a bus driver for fortnite mobile?

There are a different options of thanking a bus driver in fortnite on mobile, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

PC: Press B on the keyboard.
PlayStation: Press ‘Down’ on the d-pad.
Xbox: Press ‘Down’ on the d-pad.
Nintendo Switch: Press ‘Down’ on the d-pad.

3. Do you get XP for thanking the bus driver?

To complete the quest, you must thank the bus driver five times, requiring you to load into five separate matches. Once that’s done, you’ll have 50K XP added to your Season 8 level progression.

4. What happens if you tip bus driver fortnite?

If you leave the bus driver a large tip, a message will appear in the kill feed, noting that you have made the tip. It’ll read “[Your username] very generously tipped the bus driver!” The message lasts for about three seconds before disappearing from the screen

In Conclusion

That’s all it takes to say thank you to the bus driver in Fortnite. If you are looking for a free and easy dance in the game, you can now enable two-factor authentication to get the Boogie Down dance.

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