Become good in building Fortnite

The great thing about Fortnite is that it is a versatile game. It requires mastery of various skills to be good at the game. One of these skills is construction, a unique feature Fortnite has over other battle royale games.

The best way to get good at building in Fortnite is to practice.

To build, you need to collect resources. Once you have enough, you can use the build feature to build ramps, towers, and other fortresses. Learning to build can give you an advantage over your opponents, especially during the later stages of the game where cover is more limited.

The key to building well is building muscle memory through repeated exercise. You can use the practice areas of the game to work on the following exercises.

1. 90s in All Directions

A 90 ramp is essentially a 90 degree ramp and is the most basic one you can build in Fortnite. Linking these ramps together allows leverage to move you in one direction as well. Start practicing to get ahead your driveway builds. Once you’ve warmed up, after a few builds, you’ll start to change direction. We recommend that you do this exercise at least before every match to warm up and be ready.

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2. Single and Double Ramp Pushes

This is an extension of the previous exercise. When you build the 90s in Fortnite, you focus on using the building mechanics. At some point, however, you will have to draw your weapon to attack the opponents. Start by moving forward as you build ramps and at regular intervals pull out and aim your rifle. Challenge yourself to do this as quickly as possible. Once you’re comfortable, take it a step further by building double ramps. It’s a more situational technique, but it’s worth mastering in the long run.

3. Side Jump Building

As you improve on 90s construction in all directions and stack boxes on it in Fortnite, you reach higher and higher vantage points. If you want to increase your lifting speed even more, you need to master the lateral jump technique. This involves jumping off the side of your ramp or tower and building a floor below you in the sky. Doing this will help you start setting up a new level on your 90s tower or ramp more quickly. From there you can continue building and then jump sideways again to go in a different direction.

4. Tunneling

Building tunnels in Fortnite is tricky if you want to do it faster. But as with everything else on this list, all you need to do is build your muscle memory. Essentially, tunneling involves building a series of boxes around yourself without closing them off with a wall in front of you. Start building a single ramp, then work your way up as you build walls around it. It’s also helpful to practice building in different directions. You’ll want to start off slow if you’re not used to building them and then gradually speed up.

5. Freestyle Technique Stringing

All of these techniques we have mentioned can be used together to build elaborate and complex structures in Fortnite. These give you incredible benefits when you are in the later stages of your matches. Once you’ve mastered the 90s ramp pushes and tunnels separately, you should start freestyling. Put on some music and start building your ramps, then switch techniques right away. Imagine trying to deal with multiple opponents and see how your technique would change depending on the situation.

6. Find Practice Courses in Creative Mode

One of the best features recently introduced in Fortnite is the creative mode. For budding competitive gamers like you, this has been an incredible blessing. Thanks to the wider community, there are practice courses you can use to work on your building skills and other techniques. Some of these courses give you specific goals to achieve, forcing you to use some of the building techniques in this article. Download a few and see which ones fit the skills you want to work on.

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