Can you play Fortnite solo?

Well, the Fortnite wave came out of nowhere and hit the world like a tsunami.

As of July 2017, people are still talking about the game that entered the video game world. Fortnite is a multiplayer (free) online gaming sensation that offers competition to games like Players Unknown Battleground and Call of Duty.

How to play Fortnite solo?

No two players are needed | Fortnite is ideal for solo players.

As a player, you can choose to play solo from the lobby and play solo.

So yes, you can play Fortnite on your own, and it’s a great way to play it. I’ve been playing Fortnite for over 2 years and still play solo games. I choose solo or duets. Both are fun.

Players can also go for duo mode where the player is associated with a random player or players can go for squads where players are randomly grouped into a total of 4 players.

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If you are someone new to Fortnite and need help surviving competitive play, the following tips are great for beginners.

Learn how to install Fortnite on Android here.

5 Fortnite beginner tips for solo players

  • You cannot take the things you pick up on Spawn Island with you

When you appear on Spawn Island, you’ll see weapons, ammunition, and building materials scattered around, waiting for you to grab them. And you can grab them, but they won’t accompany you to the Fortnite map. Treat Spawn Island as a practice area for playing Fortnite, although it will probably only be there for a minute at most as the game fills up with 100 players. You can shoot anyone in the vicinity, but the weapons won’t do any damage.

  • Wait as long as possible to drop from the Battle Bus

The battle bus’s horn will sound as soon as you can place it on the map below, but resist the urge to join the crowd of players that jump out as quickly as possible. Instead, wait for about 3 seconds to go before the battle bus reaches the end of its flight path, then jump.

You have no players to compete with for landing spots, meaning less chance of getting shot in the face in the first two minutes of the match and less competition for loot. Aim for a house or structure if you’re sliding, as there’s a good chance there’s a chest in there, or at least some basic loot. Hit the ceiling with your pick to enter.

  • Drink small shield potions before glugging a large one

All over the map you will find large and small blue bottles that give you 25 armor and 50 armor. Once you have 50 or more shields, you will no longer be able to consume small bottles, so make sure to drink them first so they don’t burn up space in your inventory. You can swallow large shield potions regardless of your shield level.

  • Assault rifles or SMGs are good beginner weapons

As a general rule of thumb, stick with assault rifles or submachine guns when you first discover how to play Fortnite. Sniper rifles are useless below 75 yards, so while you’ll want to keep one on hand, don’t use it in close combat unless absolutely necessary.

  • Pay attention to the rarity scale

Gray pistols are the most common, with green, blue, purple and gold being the ascending order of rarity. Golden weapons like the RPG and the SCAR assault rifle are incredibly powerful, so don’t pass them up if you see them nearby. Open your inventory and hover over the weapons you can see how much damage they do as you struggle to decide which one to keep.

You can find more beginner topics in our Fortnite Beginner’s Guide or check out 4 tips to improve your skills right away.

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