Daequan Fortnite Settings, Keybinds & Gear

Fortnite Pro Daequan – In Game Settings and Gear Details

Daequan is one of the best known streamers in Fortnite. It’s funny in streaming and pretty good in game. He is a member of TSM and has participated in several major competitive tournaments.

This post will give you an overview of Daequan’s video settings, game settings, hotkeys and his exact equipment.

Daequan Fortnite Video Settings

Video Settings Input
Window Mode: Fullscreen
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 16:9
Frame rate limit: 144 FPS
3D Resolution: 100% 1920 x 1080
View Distance: Epic
Shadows: Off
Anti-Aliasing: Epic
Textures: Epic
Effects: Epic
Post Processing: Low
Vsync: Off
Motion Blur: Off
Show FPS: On

Daequan Fortnite Gameplay Settings

Game settings Input
Mouse Sensitivity X: 0.07
Mouse Sensitivity Y: 0.07
ADS Sens: 0.75
Scope Sensitivity: 0.75
Mouse DPI: 600
Polling Rate: 1000 Hz


Action Input
Jump Space Bar
Crouch C
Use E
Harvesting Tool 1
Weapon Slot 1 2
Weapon Slot 2 3
Weapon Slot 3 4
Weapon Slot 4 6
Weapon Slot 5 7
Switch Quickbar Mouse Thumb Button 4
Building Slot 1 (Wall) Q
Building Slot 2 (Platform) 8?(Bound on the?Logitech G600)
Building Slot 3 (Stairs) F
Building Slot 4 (Roof) 9?(Bound on the?Logitech G600)
Trap Slot T
Inventory Tab
Building Edit G

Gear Setup

This is a brief summary of your game settings. Winning at Fortnite also depends on having a good gaming computer. You may have to decline the installation or choose a lower resolution monitor if your graphics card can’t keep up, so consider that before purchasing the same monitor!

However, the mouse/keyboard/mouse pad works with any PC and is a huge improvement over a normal mouse and keyboard. If you’re not sure what to update, the mouse and mouse pad are good places to start.

Compare These Settings to Other Pros

If you’d like to compare these setups to other Fortnite pros, you can check out our list of all the pro setups here.

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