Fortnite IP Bans, VPNs and VPN Errors

VPNs are becoming more common over time. Not only are they much easier to use than in years past, but the truth is that more people are aware of the privacy issues associated with being online than ever before.

Whether you use one for personal security while browsing or not, these VPNs are often frowned upon by online gaming hosts. If you’re not careful, you can even get into serious trouble with Fortnite.

Understanding the risks and benefits of using a private network is a must if you want to play the game successfully.

Why use a VPN?

Given the risks, it’s important to understand why so many people would legitimately choose to use a VPN. Most people who use VPNs do so for the completely harmless reason to increase their own online security.

Given the prevalence of bad actors on the online stage, it would make sense that some players just wanted as much security as possible.

Other players use VPNs because they positively affect their gaming experience. It’s harder to get DDOS if you’re using a VPN, for example, and some VPNs have been shown to improve things like latency.


This is not a scam at all, it simply uses technology to compensate for problems with local internet connections.

There are also others who use VPN because they want to stay connected to their home region abroad. Internet operators in some countries can ban Fortnite, so there are players who can’t even log in without a private network.

For these players, using a VPN is the only way they can continue to play Fortnite legitimately without breaking the law.

Why VPNs are an issue

The big reason why VPNs are such an issue with Fortnite has less to do with the software than what it offers players. Epic takes cheating pretty seriously in Fortnite as far as they not only block a user’s account from playing but also prevent the player from logging in by blocking the player’s unique IP address.

However, a VPN can help a banned gamer get around the ban. It’s impossible to enforce an IP ban if a player constantly has a new IP address, so Epic tends to take some pretty draconian steps to make sure it can maintain control over who’s playing and who not.

What a VPN Error Looks Like

It’s pretty easy to see if you’ve been kicked out of the game for using a VPN. If you know that you are not cheating, but that you have used a VPN, you should pay attention to the following message:

You have been eliminated from the game due to a slowdown on the internet, your IP or machine, using VPN or cheating. We recommend that you do not use VPN or proxy services when trying to play Fortnite.

How to Deal with a VPN Error

Of course, the easiest way to deal with a VPN error is to stop using the VPN. However, for some players this will not be possible.

If you’re in a region where you can’t play or need your VPN for some other reason, you’ll have to take a little more risk.

If you must continue to use a VPN, the best way to avoid the bug and ban is to change the VPN’s IP address. This will not lift the ban on your account, but will allow you to play on another account.

The good news, however, is that most VPN bans are actually temporary. If it’s your first offense, you can usually wait until the ban is over.

However, if you get banned multiple times, you may have bigger problems.

Besides changing your IP address, dumping the VPN, or waiting for a ban, your only other real option is to try and decide if the VPN you’ve chosen is the problem. Epic seems to focus more on the IP addresses generated by some VPNs than others, so quickly find out what other players are using.

You still run the risk of a VPN ban, but this may be your only option.

Note that if you manage to get a permanent ban (for the VPN or something else), you will still need to create a new account. Permanent bans mean you lose access to everything you’ve earned in Fortnite, so make sure the benefits of using a VPN really outweigh the risks for you.

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