How Big Is Fortnite to Download?

Ever since Epic Games created the ever-expanding Fortnite, and made it even better with the Save the World mode and the epic Battle Royale PVP mode, the game’s worldwide popularity continues to grow.

There are multiple ways to play (for example, solo or squad rounds in Battle Royale), custom avatars, tons of weapons, and constant updates. It’s no wonder that more and more people of different ages are joining in the fun.

But just how large of a file is this game and can your system of choice support it?

Before downloading the game, check the following information about estimated download sizes for all systems to see if you have space for it or not.

Download Size: Consoles and Computers

Here are the average file download sizes for PS4 and Xbox One:

  • PS4 :6.69GB. They recommend a space saving of at least 10 GB.
  • Xbox One: 12.98GB
  • PC / Mac: 9.5 GB to download and about 20 GB to install.

Something to keep in mind is that these are just average sizes at the moment. The file size may increase in the future depending on the updates, which are usually weekly or monthly.

How Big Is Fortnite to Download?

Another thing that can affect the file size is if you download the global version of the game or special editions. Especially PC and Mac players may notice this difference in file size.

In Conclusion

There is no denying the growing popularity of Fortnite among players of all ages around the world. As such, it’s clear that developers want to make sure their games work well and that everyone has the updates they need.

Therefore, the average size of the game download file may vary on all systems.

Therefore, before you decide to download the game, always check the system requirements with what you have available on the system of your choice. This way you will know if you need some extra space before downloading Fortnite.

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