How do I improve my Fortnite skills

Whether you’re a budding new player or have been more casual in the past and want to get better at Fortnite, the following 4 tips will help you on your way to improving your skills.

  1. Learn from your mistakes
  2. Experiment with equipment
  3. Practice building your fortress
  4. Be more patient and play the game

As one of the biggest games in the world right now, Fortnite also has one of the largest player bases. This means that you will find many more players of all skill levels than in any other game under the sun. Because the game has been around for a few years, you will encounter many more experienced players.

This makes Fortnite difficult to improve, especially considering that the game doesn’t tell you much about why you’re losing and how you can improve.

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1. Learn from your mistakes

Nobody likes to lose, especially in video games for whatever reason. No matter how big your losses are, you have to accept a fact: you probably made mistakes that led to your loss. Even in a simple game like Fortnite mistakes happen and the best way to improve is to learn from them.

Instead of blaming the weapon he recognized or the fact that your opponent used a strange trick, think about how you handled the fight.

  • The main reason most players lose early in the game is that they get involved in firefights with multiple opponents.
  • If you do this a lot, you can try taking the stealth route and sneaking up on enemies while they’re too busy fighting someone else.
  • Some players also lose because of where they land. In this case, choose landing spots that are not crowded.

Regardless of the mistakes you make, there is always a solution that can help you avoid making them repeatedly. The fewer mistakes you make, the better you will be at Fortnite.

2. Experiment with gear

The great thing about Fortnite is that you can change your weapons and gear on the fly. However, this also means that you don’t always get the weapon you prefer.

That is why it is important in Fortnite to get used to using as many weapons as possible.

If you’re new to the game, it’s best to just take what you see and experiment. Use every new weapon you find as an opportunity to learn how it works.

The biggest mistake lower level players make is being familiar with a specific weapon or tending to pick specific types of weapons because they play that in other games. Fortnite behaves differently. As such, it’s like the gun you keep lifting isn’t the same one you use in CoD.

Experiment with as many weapons as possible and see which ones feel best.

Even if the worst gets out of hand and you can’t find a weapon you like in a single game, you’re still ready to take on just about anything the game throws at you in the long run.

3. Practice your fort building

There’s a reason the game is called Fortnite and it has nothing to do with calendar weeks.

The game’s main claim to fame is that you can use materials to build fortresses. On the PvE side of the game, the fortresses are an integral part of the defense against zombies. However, in Battle Royale, they serve multiple purposes.

For starters, you can immediately build walls for some cover at any time.

You can also build fast structures that will give you an advantage over your opponents. This is something you should get used to as soon as possible if you want to improve at Fortnite. Make sure you always find opportunities to collect resources and build. Once it becomes second nature, you will notice that your game will improve much faster.

4. Be more patient and play the game

Fortnite is a game where the most patient players are usually the ones who do the best and even make it to Victory Royale.

You have to remember that Fortnite is a survival game at its core.

  • You don’t have to get into shootings you’re not prepared for.
  • This is not a game where the person with the most deaths wins.
  • He is the last person standing.
  • If that means getting each other killed while you sit back and relax, so much the better.

What makes Fortnite fun (aside from the cool dances) is that you can play any way you want. So why not try to be more passive or cunning? These more patient approaches will show you that there are more ways to get results in Fortnite.

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