How to Fix Game Security Violation Detected for Fortnite

Fortnite is popular enough to be a prime target for cheaters. Whether they want to show off their friends or just get excited about ruining other people’s days, they can ruin the game.

Unsurprisingly, Epic does a lot to discourage cheating.

Unfortunately, this can lead to people who aren’t actually cheating being caught by cheat detection software. If you get the warning “A game security breach has been detected”, you won’t be able to play the game, but don’t worry, you can fix the problem.

However, as with most Fortnite issues, you will have to put in some effort.

Solving the Problem

If you are faced with this particular threat, you need to find out what triggers the “Game Security Breach Detected” warning.

While Epic’s goal has always been to identify cheaters and keep them out of the game, they use a fairly broad set of parameters to determine whether a specific software process is actually helping a player cheat.

As such, you can run a program that is marked by Epic, but that has no actual impact on the gameplay. Your goal then is to find out what process it could be and disable it while you play.

The Culprits

The most common culprits here are usually mouse/keyboard processes or specific RBG drivers. These programs probably won’t help you cheat, but technically they have an impact on how you interact with the game.

While it’s a bit silly to paint all these programs with such a broad brush, often it’s one of these programs that is going to cause the problem. If you encounter the error, you will want to go to your Task Manager and check if such a program is running.

The only way to find out if a program is problematic is to close it and run Fortnite. If Fortnite works without the bug, congratulations, you’ve solved the problem.

If you’re still getting the “Game security breach detected” error, leave the program disabled and disable a second potentially problematic program.

You may have to spend quite a bit of time fiddling with your Task Manager, trying out different combinations of running programs, and closing a few to see if they affect the game.

However, eventually the error will disappear.

The worst thing about the “Game Security Breach Detected” error is that it exists for a good reason. You catch both the innocent and the guilty, so it’s always up to you to prove you’re on the right side of the rules.

Keep an eye out for the programs that activate the feature and always report your issues to Epic.

While the company is not usually quick to respond to complaints, informing them about issues preventing customers from playing will ultimately lead to a resolution to their issues and a smoother experience for anyone who plays Fortnite.

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