How to get started with Fortnite

Fortnite is currently one of the biggest games in the world. Wherever you look, it’s there whether you know it or not. In fact, it’s so big that it’s become more than a game; it is a social platform.

Players spend hours in Fortnite not only getting their hands on the coveted Victory Royale, but also hanging out with their friends. It’s quite a phenomenon.

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What kind of game is fortnite?

If by some miracle you still don’t play Fortnite, then you probably want to dip your toes in the fun water, but you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the information you need to get started.

  • Fortnite is a battle royale game where the goal is to be the last one standing.
  • They leave you on an island with 99 other players without any equipment or weapons.
  • The moment you hit the ground, you have to go straight to the nearest building or location to find items.
  • However, you have to be quick because others are looking for the same thing; an advantage to get you out before you take them out.
  • As the game progresses, the circle around the island gets smaller. This reduces the space in which you have to move and brings you closer to your opponents.
  • The player who beats all odds and is still the last survivor on the island wins.
  • If you want to dance in between your fights? Of course you can. Watch this video featuring some of the best dances in Fortnite.

Where can you play Fortnite?

The question should be, “Where can’t you play Fortnite?”

Because the game is available on literally all current devices.

  • Do you have a decent PC? You can play Fortnite. Check the minimum requirements here.
  • A console in your living room? That can play Fortnite too.
  • Mobile phone? Yes, you can play Fortnite.

In addition, the game is completely free. There are a number of ways you can pay to make your character look great and get other benefits. But if you just want to kick back for a few rounds and have fun without spending a dime, Fortnite can do that.

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Can you play Fortnite with friends?

The main way to play a Battle Royale game is the standard free-for-all mode where you and 99 other players are determined to go head-to-head. Playing alone is also great. However, you can play with friends with the other two game modes, Duo and Squad.

In Duo, all you need to do is invite a friend to your party and you’re ready for the races, competing against 49 other teams of 2 players. Squad, on the other hand, allows you to form a group of up to 4 players, which makes it even more interesting and fun.

The best part is that you and your friends don’t need the same device to play with each other.

Fortnite supports cross-platform play. This means that on the PC, for example, you can play with a friend on the mobile device or the console. Any combination of devices is possible, although anyone with the PS4 is labeled as beta by Sony. Currently there are no issues, just something to keep in mind.

Other than that, playing with friends is incredibly easy in Fortnite. As long as everyone has an epic account, they can be invited to your party in a few quick steps.

5 Quick Tips for Beginners

So you’ve decided to give Fortnite a shot, but you’re struggling to stay alive and take some pictures. It’s very normal because the game has been out for so long.

But fear not!

We’ve got some tips to get you started:

  1. Try to land where there are fewer players. The best way to do this is to wait until the Battlebus is closer to the other side of the island. This ensures that you have fewer people to compete with for the team.
  2. Stay under cover as much as possible. There are large open fields on the island of Fortnite, so it’s tempting to do crazy races to the next loot-filled location. This makes you an easy target. Instead, try to move slowly and close to as many trees and other cover points as possible.
  3. Hear the shootings near you. The easiest way to take down an opponent is to catch him while he is fighting someone else. If you’re being shot close to you, try to find ways to sneak up on your opponents instead of rushing to join the fight. You have a health advantage plus the element of surprise on your side.
  4. See a bunch of loot on the ground and wonder why no one picks it up? Do not rush to eagerly collect loot. 99% of the time this is ruled out when someone else has been killed. The killer is probably nearby and waiting for someone to pick him up. In that sense, you should use the same tactics, as many new players usually don’t know.
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