How to install Fortnite on Android


This might come as a shock to you but Fornite can’t be found on the Google Play Store. That’s right.

The world’s largest game with millions of concurrent players playing for hours every day was removed from the Google App Store in August 2020.

The reasons for this are beyond the scope of this article.

Let’s say we’re currently experiencing a clash of the titans on a business epic scale. Regardless of that, the reality is that we, the end users who love and play Fortnite, have been affected by this development.

In the past, we could just go to the Play Store, search for Fortnite and download it. Comfortable. Now that this method is out the window, Epic Games had to provide us with other ways to get the Android version of Fortnite on our phones. The solution isn’t as fancy as search, tap, and play, but it’s still pretty simple.

Download the Fortnite file

To get Fortnite on your Android phone, you must first download the .apk file from the Epic Games app. To get the file, you have to navigate to a web address.

Use your web browser on your phone to touch here to go to this website or type in the address bar. This should give you a banner asking you to install the Epic Games app.

  • When you tap the banner, your phone will warn you that the file you are about to download may damage your device. Don’t worry, it’s safe.
  • Just tap “OK” and the app should start downloading. When you’re done (it shouldn’t take long), you’ll be given the option to “Open” the file. Do that.

Your browser may not allow you to install applications from that source. Simple solution.

Just go to your browser settings and click on the slider to allow files from that source. Finally, the application should ask you if you want to “install” it. Tap the option and the Epic Games app should now be installed on your phone.

Now it’s time for the main event. Install Fortnite. When you open the Epic Games app, you should see banners for two games: Battle Breakers and Fortnite. Tap Fortnite (obviously!) and a message should pop up asking if you want to install Fortnite. Tap the button that says ‘Install’. When you’re done, tap the “Start” button.

Congratulations! You are now back playing Fortnite on your Android phone. For those of you who have a Samsung phone, you can find the Epic Games app more easily by searching and installing it from the Galaxy Store just like you used to.

Fortnite itself should have no issues updating as it is now handled by the Epic Games app. All other features, such as cross-platform play and controller support, should work normally. Now go get the next Victory Royale!

Check out these tips to get started like a pro! Or check out our complete beginner’s guide.

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