How to Land Faster in Fortnite

Fortnite is a game that is essentially about timing. You need to know when to move, when to hide, when to build, and when to hunt.

Unfortunately, there are some gameplay mechanics that take timing elements out of your hands. One of these mechanisms starts the game: land after your first jump.

The good news is that even novice players know they have some control over where and how they land. The bad news is that most gamers don’t understand exactly how important their first landing moment can really be.

If you want to lead the way when it comes to looting and building, you need to learn to land faster.

Basic Landing Problems

The biggest problem when it comes to falling fast is your glider. It automatically unfolds when you reach a certain height so you don’t die right after starting the game.

This is useful for those who aren’t paying much attention at the start of the game, but it is a hindrance for those trying to reach the ground as quickly as possible.

How to Land Faster in Fortnite

The other big problem with landing is horizontal movement. The combination of momentum and your glider won’t allow you to land directly on a target without spending a lot of useless time circling.

As such, the most logical and common tactic to start running is one that keeps you in the air for a few precious seconds and gives everyone a chance to get for you the loot you’re trying to catch. ever hit the ground.

The Strategy

The strategy of hitting the ground quickly works in two parts. The first is choosing your landing zone.

Of course, this is something that takes a little practice and a good knowledge of the map. You need to know exactly where you want to land before you get off the bus, so start studying all your maps

Once you have picked the area in which you want to land, you can start preparing for the perfect jump.

Now that you know the perfect place to land, you can prepare to jump. Actually, your goal isn’t to jump where you want to land; this only requires you to circle your part to hit the ground.

Instead, you’ll want to find a place farther than where you want to land, a place where you can glide quickly once your glider is activated. Again, this is not something you will do well on the first try, so be prepared to practice.

Once you’re actually in the air, your goal is to descend as quickly as possible. Don’t deploy your glider, despite much rumor there is no glider that moves faster or makes you fall faster.

Just go straight to the ground and ignore everything around you. You want to keep falling until your glider deploys automatically, and then it starts to glide right to where you want to land.

Better to pass or miss your target and run than to spin, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get this perfect on your first try.


1. Do certain gliders go faster in Fortnite?

Different Gliders don’t make you drop any faster than others. Umbrellas do not give you any advantages. They function just the same as normal Gliders.

2. What is the rarest glider in Fortnite?

The Mako glider required you to be season level 25, which was much further along, and likely makes it more rare. So, it’s likely that the rarest glider in Fortnite is the Mako.

3. Can you deploy your glider in Fortnite?

In the v6. 20 update, Glider Re-deploy mechanic from Soaring 50’s was added into all game modes. Player will be able to queue into a Solo, Duo or Squad match as per usual, but now will be able to re-deploy the glider when the player is at least three stories high.

4. What is the fortnite umbrella?

Fortnite Victory Umbrellas are unlockable gliders that show you’ve accomplished perhaps the most meaningful thing you can do in Fortnite – win a match. Each season features its own new Victory Umbrella, and provided you win a match in Solos, Duos or Squads during that Season, it’s yours to keep.

5. What was the first glider in Fortnite?

WASP. WASP is one of the earliest gliders in Fortnite.

6. Where do the most people drop Fortnite?

Epic Games Dirty Docks is a well-known loot hotspot. Dirty Docks continues to be the best traditional landing spot in Fortnite Season 8. It has a huge amount of chests to search for weapons, which should give you a good headstart at the beginning of any match.

Final Thoughts

Landing quickly is just a matter of understanding how the first jump and glider work in Fortnite.

If you can remember that your glider will slow you down and that jumping straight to a target means you’re going to slow down over it, you should be better able to determine when and where to land.

Once you get the hang of this, you can quickly hit the ground and get the best loot before the other players reach the area.

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