How To Use Xim4 To Get An Advantage in Fortnite

An Introduction to “Xim4”

The more competitive a game becomes, the more willing the players are to find and master all the cheats, exploits, and beneficial mechanics available to them.

While some players may resort to clandestine methods to gain an advantage such as snipers, there are still plenty of opportunities for players to gain an advantage without resorting to bots or a next-level version of the old multiplayer error known as “screen visualization”.

This is where the Xim4 adapter comes in, allowing console gamers to use PC equipment for gaming.

How Xim4 Is Advantageous to “Fortnite” Players

What is Xim4?

Xim4 is a simple device that plugs into a USB board. Once installed, users can connect their mouse and keyboard to a system, either through a USB port or a wireless Bluetooth connection.


It is that a console gamer can bring Fortnite experience one step closer to playing the game on PC.

Why Would Someone Prefer Using a Mouse and Keyboard to play an FPS like Fortnite?

The nature of the two control mechanisms distinguishes them from each other. Because the mouse is controlled by a player’s hands, rather than just the player’s thumb, the mouse user enjoys a much finer degree of control when aligning headshots and firing across terrain.

The human brain and arm can move and react much faster than a controller can move, meaning mouse users can quickly adjust their perspective to 90 or 180 degrees and move in that direction instantly.


In contrast, a controller user will likely struggle to keep up with the mouse user in the same situation, often changing perspective when they start running.

Also, the much higher number of keys on a keyboard compared to a controller means that gamers have a greater degree of customization in which keys they can do what. This makes it much easier for players to remember inputs by editing different game commands on the buttons that make the most sense for those players.

Is There Any Reason why a PC Gamer Would Want Xim4 to Play Fortnite?

Before Sony Entertainment decided to finally get its head out of the sand and remove the barriers to allowing PlayStation users to join, the answer to this question would be “only if you want to collaborate with your friends on Sony consoles”.

Unless Sony decides to be evil and throw themselves in the foot again, there’s really no reason a PC gamer should be interested in Xim4.

Is the Use of Xim4 Considered Cheating in Fortnite?

The short answer to this question is “no”. Xim4 is just a mechanism that allows players to change the way they control their game in the same way that certain racing games or flight simulators allow players to control the game with a peripheral such as a steering wheel or flight stick.

Is There Any Reason Not to Use Xim4 to Play Fortnite?

The only reason an interested party might not consider using Xim4 to play Fortnite with a mouse and keyboard, other than the fact that it costs money, would be the party’s ability to use those devices in Battle Royale / Titles First Person Shooter.

Simply put, anyone can handle a game with a controller, but it takes more skill to lead a player’s avatar to success.

Is it Unethical to Use Xim4 for Playing Fortnite?

Unless this question is asked by purists who refuse to play a game without outside help, Xim4 is fine to use in Fortnite. It is not cheating or cheating of any kind.

How Much Does It Cost to Play Fortnite with Xim4?

Without calculating the cost of a good gaming mouse or specialized keyboard, and taking into account recent research, a suitable Xim4 device costs several hundred dollars (between $100 and $500, depending on the vendor).

This high price point means the device is best suited for anyone interested in gaining a viral following as a game streamer or heavily involved in making a living playing video games like Fortnite.

In Conclusion

A mouse and keyboarxd rig is great for any type of first person shooter game. This mismatch between the mouse and keyboard and controller means that people who play Fortnite on PC have a distinct mechanical advantage over people who play it on their Switch, X-Box or PlayStation 4.

Anyone who uses Xim4 to play Fortnite, regardless of their game console, overcomes the drawback of using a controller and can take advantage of the superior responsiveness and spin that a mouse and keyboard provide.

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