Is Fortnite the best game?

If there’s one thing gamers love to do more than play their favorite games, it’s talk about them.

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This inevitably leads to discussions about which games are the best.

You may have heard animated discussions about whether Fortnite is the best game, and they often follow the same pattern of argumentation.

  • it’s a fun game
  • there are many people playing
  • it’s easy for people to join because it’s a free game
    These are all reasons why many Fortnite fans believe their game is the best. (I wrote an article about Fortnite vs Minecraft and their differences.)

But the question itself is quite fraught as not everyone has the same taste in things like video games. However, what we can do is break down what makes Fortnite a great game to play in.

What makes Fortnite fun?

Fortnite takes some of the best aspects of other games and combines them into a fun unique experience.

You’ve got your exploration, your resource collection, your shots at others in the face, and your building, all wrapped up and tied up in a neat little bow.

Other games have similar features, such as PUBG, but what makes Fortnite even more fun is the lighthearted cartoon style. Plus, you can make your cartoon avatar do a fun dance practically at any time.

What could not be loved?

Why is Fortnite so popular?

Every Fortnite fan has their own reason for playing, so it’s hard to pinpoint what makes the game so appealing to millions of players around the world.

If they turn our arms, a safe bet is to indicate the price of the game. It is a completely free game. If you’re not too concerned about cosmetics and dancing, you can play Fortnite for as long as you want, as long as you can handle it. Everything is always better when it’s free, as the saying goes.

Another good reason to be so popular is that celebrities have joined the Fortnite action. Popular artists such as Marshmellow and Travis Scott have performed concerts in Fortnite’s social space. R&B artist Drake played Fortnite with popular streamer Ninja a while ago. There are also plenty of movies and TV shows, like the Star Wars emperor’s intergalactic message echoed through the game when the latest movie hit theaters.

How can I get my friends to play Fortnite with me?

If you’re reading this article, you probably wanted to convince your friends that Fortnite is the greatest game of all time and that they should join you. The best way to get them to experiment with it is to show them how much fun the game is when you play it in a group.

Help your friends play the game on whatever device they use and then have them join you in a team-based game.

Remember that Fortnite has been around for a few years and most players know what they are doing. If you want your friends to see how much fun the game is having, be their guide (or check out my beginner’s guide) and show them how it works.

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