NICKMERCS Fortnite Settings, Keybinds and Gear

Fortnite Pro NICKMERCS- In Game Settings and Gear Details

NICKMERCS is one of the most popular and well-known Fortnite professionals.

He is one of the few pros who plays with a PS4 controller and almost always falls for Tilted Towers.

NICKMERCS Fortnite Audio Settings

Video Settings Input
Music Volume 0.02
SoundFX Volume 0.6
Voice Chat Volume 1
Cinematics Volume 0.6

NICKMERCS Fortnite Gameplay Settings

Game settings Input
Controller Sensitivity X 0.7
Controller Sensitivity Y 0.6
Controller Targeting Sensitivity 0.5
Controller Scope Sensitivity 0.5
Controller Building Sensitivity 1.25
HUD Scale 0.85
Spring by Default Off
Sprint Cancels Reloading On
Tap to Search / Interact On
Toggle Targeting Off
Reset Building Choice Off
Aim Assist On
Edit Mode Aim Assist Off
Turbo Building On
Auto Equip Better Items On
Controller Auto-Run Off
Auto Material Change On
Vibration Off
Brightness Calibration 0.65


Action Input
Build Right Back Paddle (SCUF Controller Feature)
Floor R1
Jump ??or?Left Back Paddle (SCUF Controller Feature)
Roof L1
Stairs L2
Toggle Build Mode O
Toggle Harvest Weapon ?
Trap ?
Wall R2

Gear Setup

This gamer uses a PS4 controller and prefers it to keyboard and mouse. He is one of the few professionals who stays with a driver.

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