Top 10 Professional Fortnite Players of 2021

As Fortnite becomes more competitive, a list of big names and famous players has started to grow. Given that Fortnite now has big teams and a big streaming presence, it’s hard to give every player their fair share.

However, if you look at a combination of skills, visibility and wins, you can put together a list of ten great players. Each player on this list brings something unique, either in terms of sheer skill or in terms of bringing more players into the game.

Here are the top ten players in the world right now:

1. Tfue

Tfue’s quick editing skills and ability to confuse his opponents make him an easy choice for the best Fortnite player right now.

Tfue’s most popular strategy is to gain height over his opponents and then capture them with his own 1×1.

After being ambushed, he sets up and crafts his own ceiling, firing a quick shotgun blast and resetting the edit before the opponent can say what he says.

Check out this gif of her editing skills in action.

2. Ninja

Whether or not you believe its hype, you have to admit that Ninja is truly one of the best players in the game these days. He has a win rate of over thirty percent and at one point held the record for most deaths in Fortnite.

He also ranks second when it comes to overall wins, showing that he understands the strategy of the game better than almost any other player.

Even though he wasn’t as good as he is, he is clearly the most visible player in the game today.

He has brought Fortnite into the mainstream with his broadcasts, which helps build the professional competition and keeps the game from becoming a fad.

Whether you’re showing off your skills to your devoted followers or drawing celebrities to your stream, Ninja always helps put Fortnite in the spotlight.

3. Liquid Poach

Without Tfue and Ninja fame, Liquid Poach could easily be number one on this list.

He is arguably the most dominant professional player you will ever see, not only destroying the competition in most matches but also helping other top players improve their own games.


Liquid Poach is a good player and an even better leader. He seems to be able to banish his teammates’ worst tendencies in just a few words, helping them put their A-games into situations where they would generally fall apart.

However, if you pair him with a consistent player, you will see real magic. He is often able to survive situations that would kill most other players and is capable of making shots that are simply impossible for the average player to match.

Liquid Poach is arguably the best pure player in the game today.

4. NotVivid

It could very well be argued that NotVivid is the most efficient player in the game. He managed not only to become excellent at knocking out other players, but also with a minimum of effort.

If you want to get a good idea of ​​what makes him so good, you should first look at his building skills. You can put together a perfect structure without wasting a single unit of material, and you will be able to use that structure almost every time to kill a clutch.

There is hardly anyone in the game who can match him for his skills.

NotVivid isn’t just an efficient gamer though, it’s also incredibly consistent. you get almost the same achievements in every game you play, making it relatively easy for you to achieve wins and kills.

It almost looks like NotVivid is incapable of having a bad day, putting it above players who could technically have better numbers. If you’re looking for a player who can show up and win every time you log in, you should start with NotVivid.

5. TSM Myth

The architect is arguably the best of the best when it comes to the construction aspect of the game. While newer players may think the most important skills are running and shooting, the pros know that a good builder can make a difference.


If you’re looking for the absolute master, look no further than TSM Myth. His title may be self-proclaimed, but if you look at him for more than a few minutes, you’ll see that there is no one closer to the title today.

Even if you throw away the building skills, you still have a great player in TSM Myth. Not only is he in the Top 20 for all-time kills, he’s also in the Top 10 Fortnite Pros of all time.

This easily makes him one of the most dominant players the game has ever seen. If you’re looking for someone who has mastered every aspect of the game, you should definitely start with TSM Myth.

6. Faze Cloak

FaZe is, from every point of view, a fantastic team. Most of that credit, of course, goes to the fantastic players who make up the team.

However, it would be wrong to suggest that some of that success is not due to their leader. FaZe Cloak has proven time and again that his leadership makes a huge difference to the team, helping propel them to the top of the rankings and making sure every win is well deserved.

He’s the kind of player who would make any team great and by putting him in charge of an already great team, he was able to show that he can be one of the best.

While he is clearly a great leader, his individual ability is commendable. FaZe Cloak has managed to be a key player in several big games and can defend himself well when he doesn’t have his team by his side.

While his ability really leans toward organization, it should be noted that FaZe relies just as much on his ability to play as it does on his ability to keep everyone working as a cohesive unit.

7. Ghost Saf

This will probably be one of the most controversial entries on the list, but Ghost Saf really deserves to be this high on the list. He’s one of the best duet players out there, and he’s still useful enough in solos that even a few bad performances won’t limit his career.

He’s the type of player who desperately needs the game, adaptable enough to play in any mode, and cooperative enough not to let his ego get in the way of letting his team win important games.

Ghost Saf will only get better with time. Remember, this is a kid who hasn’t finished high school yet, plays early and still has a lot to grow.

With a few years left under his belt, it’s only natural for him to challenge the best players in the game. For now, however, he remains an excellent player who continues to be in the top ten in the world, not bad for a 16-year-old who is still getting into his competitive rhythm.

8. NRG Zayt

If you ever want a good example of a strong and versatile player, you have to look at NRG Zayt. Not only does he have a good command of the game mechanics, but he never seems to fall prey to the kind of pressure-based glitches that turn other players off.

He may not be the most famous or the most highly regarded, but he is certainly the type of player who can knock almost anyone off the list when having a good day. Given the consistency, you’re more likely to have one of those good days than not.

NRG Zayt’s consistency has also earned him some significant financial rewards in recent years. He is one of the top ten winners and one of the highest paid players in North America on a regular basis.

This means that he is not only good at the game, but can also play constantly under pressure. It lacks a lot of flash and a lot of great moments, but it’s positive proof that consistent play and a lack of real mistakes will beat the players who look their best on the surface every time.

It has earned a spot on the list and will go down in the books as one of the greatest of all time.

9. High Distortion

HighDistortion is a strange player to watch. As you can tell from the name, he’s not exactly one of the best team players, and the numbers he adds up aren’t always as big as you’d expect from someone on this list.

But even that said, he’s managed to carve a crazy niche on the scene, taking on squads and often coming out on top, though he tends to play solo. He is the legend of Solo vs. Plow for a reason.


It’s really not an advantage to only play against one team. HighDistortion clearly craves a challenge, and the ability to knock out coordinated teams is truly something to envy.

While he doesn’t have the flair of some players or the sheer skill of others, the numbers he can take on against larger groups can’t really lie. Given that he holds a solid position on the all-time squad kill list despite playing solo, there can’t really be any argument for putting HighDistortion on a list of the best players currently in the game.

10. Ghost Bizzle

Ghost Bizzle manages to take last place in the top ten because he has an uncanny ability to take lesser players to the top of the heap. He’s the type of player who may not be one-on-one with everyone else in the latter, but certainly gives everyone a shot for their money.

This is the type of player you want to complete a team or duo, especially if you have another strong player.

However, where it really shines is that its partners bring their best games. He is strong enough to help improve someone who is not quite on the list, which should be part of the criteria for any competitive group player.

Consider him the king of assists if you have to, but that deserves just as much credit as anyone who tends to win more or who tends to get more kills than him. Ghost Bizzle is more than worthy of being considered one of the best players in the game, even if he isn’t talked about as often as some of the other big names.

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