What are Fortnite dances?

You could say dances are to Fortnite what emojis are to social networks; a way to express yourself beyond the weapons and the building.

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What do you need for a Fortnite dance?

Well not much.

All you have to do to do a dance is click a button or press a key and your in-game avatar will fall apart like a Saturday night party.

  • some players use dancing as a way to taunt enemies
  • others use them as a means to celebrate an elimination or even a coveted Victory Royale
  • In some cases, players will also use them to express their enthusiasm and enjoyment of the game.

Memes and Social Media

They are fun!

You don’t have to get down to your knees to play Fortnite to know their dances. They can be found all over social media in the form of YouTube videos, Twitter memes and other content.

Users on all platforms, from everyday Joe to Jimmy Fallon, have sprung into action by mimicking Fortnite dances as closely as possible. There are also numerous videos with compilations of celebrities and professional dancers doing Fortnite dances with side by side comparisons.

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And some of the best dances like Floss, Never Gonna and Pump It Up.

                                                                        Best and newest dances

Dances from Fortnite are even randomly used in unrelated videos.

Have you ever seen an Adobe Premiere tutorial where the instructor uses photos of them doing Fortnite dances? I sure have.

The creativity that comes from this little feature in a video game is amazing. The main reason for this is that the Fortnite dances are not really the creation of the developers themselves. They are based on dances from across the spectrum of pop culture. And because these dances are part of Fortnite’s revenue program, Epic Games has had some legal issues in recent years.

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Fortnite controversies and lawsuits

There is a basic dance in Fortnite that everyone can access. However, if you want more dances, you have to pay for them or earn them while playing.

Many of Fortnite’s moves are directly inspired by dance routines found on television, movies and other media and performances.

An example of this is the title Fresh. It’s copied from a silly dance Carlton does in Fresh Prince of Bel Air, starring Will Smith. You can tell it’s the same dance if you look at side by side comparisons. Actor Alfonso Ribeiro was made to wear it in various appearances over the years and considers it his own creation.

The fact that Epic Games sold his dance led him to file a lawsuit against the company. The case was eventually dropped because the dances are difficult to patent. But that didn’t stop others from trying to cash in on the Fortnite hype.

Russell Horning, aka the Backpack Kid, also tried to sue the video game giant for using the Flossen dance he performed onstage at a Katy Perry concert.

There are doubts whether he made the dance himself, but either way, the case was also thrown out.

Fortnite is more than a game. It’s a whole experience and a social network. As such, it offers you many ways to express yourself, including the opportunity to perform a dance.

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