What are Thumbsticks for and how do they improve gaming?

Players of all types of consoles use thumbsticks. The popularity of thumbsticks is huge. And that is not without reason.

What are thumbsticks for?
Do thumbsticks help your performance?

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What are thumbsticks for?

Thumbsticks are basically designed to increase precision while gaming. Do you need them? No, of course you can play directly with your controller.

I played without them for a long time. But since many players are getting them, I’ve noticed a change. Everyone loves them because you definitely want to keep up with the game. And Fortnite has definitely become more competitive.

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They are on the market for all kinds of controllers.

  • Playstation 5 controller
  • Playstation 4 controller
  • Playstation 3 controller
  • Xbox One Controller (S on Elite)
  • Xbox 360 controller
  • Nintendo Switch

Do thumbsticks help your performance?

Thumbsticks definitely improve my gaming skills a lot. It’s really about precision and perfect timing.

Anything that can help a little can make a big difference to your performance.

Folding sticks give you:

  1. much more comfort for a long game
  2. better overall game thanks to grips
  3. small finer control settings
  4. aim more accurately
  5. a comprehensive solution for longer fingers
  6. no slipping of fingers while playing
  7. protection of your controller against sweat

And yes, it allows you to customize the look of your controller.

I think it’s pretty cool, having a controller has made me a little more ME (and friends never accidentally take one of my controllers when we’re playing in the same place together).

Small grips don’t have to cost a lot and give you a lot back. They are also a good gift for any gamer you want to surprise. Check out my gift guide for all price ranges.

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