What do gamers wear?

Players like Fortnite fans are people like everyone else. As such, they also do what other people do, which includes wearing clothes. Surprising, right?

Often some people wonder how a player is chosen from the crowd. You can recognize someone who is a lawyer or a businessman by the elegant suit they wear. Artists may not necessarily be in favor of berets, but they will still wear something with a little more flair. Can players also be seen based on what they are wearing?

The answer may surprise you.

There’s no gaming uniform

Playing video games, like Fortnite, is mostly a sit-down affair. This means you don’t need any special equipment other than your game controller and controllers. Therefore, there is no such thing as a “game uniform” or anything referred to as players’ clothing. A lawyer who is also a gamer can dive into his favorite title while still in his nice suit. They can even change into nightwear or pajamas to feel more comfortable.

The bottom line is that the clothing does not offer players a distinctive advantage. However, that doesn’t mean that players don’t have different clothing styles.

Gamer t-shirts

A unique piece of clothing that most players like to wear is a good old-fashioned patterned jersey.

Just as a music fanatic will wear their favorite artist or band merchandise, players will also wear t-shirts printed with their favorite characters and logos from the game.

Some shirts even come with game memes and quotes that make them even more unique. Players can also wear hoodies and jackets with their favorite game logos.


This word is an amalgamation of costume and play. This is a person who wears an outfit that makes him look like a character from a game, movie, television show, or anime.

While cosplayers don’t normally walk out in public dressed as a Fortnite character every day, they do on special occasions, such as conventions. If you see someone in full cosplay, you can bet it’s probably a gamer.

Character Onesies

The ultimate living comfort is the timeless jumpsuit.

This cozy winter outfit is perfect for snuggling up to your favorite game for hours on end. Many players can choose to buy rompers that are shaped like their favorite characters from the game. One of the most popular is the Pikachu monkey. While players, again, won’t leave their homes in rompers, you can bet a lot on having at least one or two game rompers in their closets.

The most important thing to remember is that games are a hobby that anyone can practice. That’s what makes video games special. You don’t have to use anything specific to be a gamer. As long as you feel comfortable and enjoy your time with your video games, you are both a gamer and a video game t-shirt collector.

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