What Is Aim Assist and Should You Use It In Fortnite?

Most of the settings in Fortnite don’t really affect the game. Sure, they can speed up your FPS or make you see a little easier, but they’re just a showcase.

However, a setting can determine whether some of your shots will hit their target. This setting is aim assist, a setting that is enabled by default.

While you don’t need to use this tool, you do need to understand it. Only by knowing what it does can you make an informed decision about whether or not to use it the next time you play.

What is Aim Assist

Aim assist is a fairly common feature in most shooting games. Due to the difficulty of accurately matching a shot, this feature anticipates the movement of the player’s cursor and allows players to aim more easily than if the mode was turned off.

In Fortnite, like most other games, it will be enabled automatically, but it’s still optional. Many players choose to avoid using aim assist when playing at higher skill levels, while others recognize the feature as a necessity.

How Does it Work?

Aiming assist is actually a remarkable technology when you look at it objectively. Generally used in console games, it generally works as an aid to combat the inaccuracy that comes with using a joystick for aiming.

When a player tries to aim the crosshairs at a player or target, the aiming assist software makes an assumption about where the crosshairs should be and snaps the crosshair onto the target. This allows for the kind of fine movement not normally available with a joystick, while allowing the player to have great control over where they shoot.

It should be noted that aim assist does not work in the same way as an aimbot. It might be better to think of an aiming aid as one that moves the cursor the last percent after the player has aligned ninety-nine percent of his shot.

It’s a software method to fix hardware inaccuracy, something that’s not necessarily essential to the game, but nonetheless helps many gamers stay competitive even if they don’t use a more advanced hardware configuration.

Pros and Cons

It’s extremely difficult to get any kind of consensus on whether or not to use aim assist in Fortnite. While there are many who refer to using the feature as cheating or as a crutch for console gamers, there are many who see the feature as part of modern shooting games.

The most important thing to consider is not the opinion of other players, but the impact that using aim assist will have on your own playing skill. There are some real pros and cons when it comes to using aiming aids.


As you can imagine, using a controller to play Fortnite is incredibly useful. Even if you have the ability to fine-tune your joysticks, you just won’t get the precision you would from using a mouse.

Aim assist helps level the playing field a bit, putting you on an equal footing with other players. Even if you’re playing with a mouse, with that little extra help, you can play a little above your own skill level and take certain shots you’d otherwise miss.


While aiming assist works very well, it’s actually not as accurate as a human gamer can be when using a mouse and keyboard. You can only aim at the targets, something that doesn’t really consider the target’s movement.

In fact, a bouncing player can take advantage of aiming assistance to make you miss when you could otherwise get a solid shot. If you really want to predict the player’s movements and get the one-to-a-million shots from distance, you’ll have to rely on your own talent.

Final Thoughts

Should I use aiming aid? If you’re gaming on a console, or if you can’t be as accurate as you’d like without it, help with aiming can come in handy. However, at higher levels of play, it may be necessary to turn the setting off.

Whatever happens, you should feel comfortable keeping the setting enabled. It was intended to be part of the game and therefore can only be considered as a feature.

If you feel more comfortable with aiming assist activated, you have every right to win the game with your preferred settings.

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