What is Fortnite Pro Builder?

Every Fortnite player has their own strengths. Unfortunately, the default control settings aren’t really set up for a particular type of game.

If players want to improve even more in a certain part of the game, they need to change their controller settings.

One of these settings is Builder Pro, which swaps out a few key combinations to make building as easy as possible. Understanding why these new key combinations work so well is a good way to understand why you want to choose these settings.

Builder Pro Changes and Utility

Builder Pro was the second alternate control scheme for Fortnite released after Combat Pro. Instead of dedicated shortcuts for settings that switch between combat skills and utilities, the settings focus on building this.

There is a dedicated button for each type of basic tile texture you can use, and switching to a new type of material is as easy as pressing a single button.

This means you can build structures at lightning speed without leaving the flow of the game or frantically scrolling through options while trying to move forward in combat.

Realistically, Builder Pro isn’t all that useful for getting into the thick of it if you’re someone who is confident in twitch-fire skills.

It’s a setup for those who want to get the most out of Fortnite’s building systems, especially if they’ve integrated them into some pretty basic combat strategies.

It’s not a hotkey setup for everyone, of course, but it’s one that can put in a lot of mileage for those who are already big builders. However, where it really shines is in the hands of those who aren’t too used to building structures in the game.

If you’ve never built anything in Fortnite, you’ll get great achievements by using this setup. Because everything is simplified, you can spend more time figuring out how to put structures together and less time looking at components.

You may not want to use Builder Pro for every game, but it’s a great option if you’re trying something new. Consider this your newfound attitude if you know your building game isn’t too strong, but you want to improve it before taking on bigger challenges.

Builder Pro is a Great Addition to Fortnite

Not only does it help a certain type of player dominate the competition, but it’s also great for anyone trying to learn an important part of the game.

While you can freely switch to this setting in any game, it’s best used if you know you’re trying to make building the cornerstone of a particular game. Use it wisely and you should be able to see some pretty significant returns.

Don’t rely on this key combination to help you win, but consider it a tool to improve your skills.

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